Financial summary

Angelman Syndrome Ireland CLG

 Latest audited accounts 2017


Extract from the financial statements for 2012 


Company Information

Sarah Roarty                                                                           Sean Prendergast

Mairsil Claffey                                                                        Fergal Cunnane

Dr Kevin Patrick Dunne                                                        Robert Moynihan

Sara Hetherington                                                                  Vincent Gribbin

Ashling Kerns 


Secretary                    Company Number                             Registered Office

Sara Hetherington      506106                                               Ecka House,

Old Road,


Co. Galway.


Auditors                   McDonald Walsh & Co.,

Registered Auditors & Accountants

Central House,

Shop Street,


Co. Galway.


Business Address       Ecka House,

Old Road,


Co. Galway.


Bankers                   Bank of Ireland,                                 St. Jarlaths Credit Union Ltd.,

Tuam,                                                  Dublin Road,

Co. Galway.                                         Tuam,

Co. Galway.




Note:  This document does not purport to be the 2012 audited financial statements of the company, a copy of which is available on request from or from

Extracts from the Directors’ Report For The Year Ended 31st December 2012


Principal Activity and Business Review

Angelman Syndrome is a genetic disorder of chromosome 15 characterised by severe intellectual disability, lack of speech, sleep disturbance, and yet usually a happy demeanour. Affecting 1 in every 20,000-25,000 people and based on Ireland’s population there are currently approximately 350 people living with the condition across the country.

Angelman Syndrome Ireland Limited is a company founded by Sarah Roarty for the purpose of promoting awareness of the condition and providing support and contact facilities to families who find themselves faced with it.

The day to day running of the company is overseen by Sarah Roarty and Sara Hetherington, both parents to children with Angelman Syndrome. They are backed and supported by a voluntary advisory board, recognised in their respective fields of neurodevelopment, paediatrics, clinical trials, medical technology and finance and charity governance.

As with any newly established entity, much of the first year was spent in establishing itself, appointing officers and developing a modus operandi. However, early in 2012 it decided to organise a conference for families of persons with Angelman Syndrome. This conference attracted over 112 attendees. The speakers included medical professionals from the UK, USA & the Netherlands. Feedback from both attendees and speakers alike was extremely positive. 

One negative event arising from the conference was that €3,442 of conference fees which are due from a booking service company that processed bookings and booking fees remain outstanding at this time. The Board are aware of no good reason why this booking service company has not remitted the funds to the company. Apparently some persons who paid their conference fee by credit card queried the charges on their credit card statement subsequently, as they did not recognise the booking service provider’s name on such statements. Such queries led the banks involved to refer the queries to their fraud departments. The company has every expectation that the outstanding monies will be collected however the long time lag in collecting these, allied to the general accounting convention of prudence, has resulted in these monies owing to the company being fully provided for in the financial statements. 

The company will continue to pursue recovery of these monies with the utmost resolve.

However the company’s first 12 months was also characterised by an enormous groundswell of support from people who were prepared to raise funds from running marathons and other manners, for which the company is most grateful.

A series of parent workshops were held in Belfast, Dublin and Galway with a 4th session planned for Cork.  These were supported by a grant from the Community Foundation of Ireland. 

The company will continue to develop its governance processes in accordance with the A Code of Practice for Good Governance of Community, Voluntary and Charitable Organisations in Ireland, which is a guide to governance best practice in such entities.

The company has no employees and none of its directors receive any benefit, financial or otherwise, and

directly or indirectly for their service to the company other than a benefit to them as a person related to another person with Angelman Syndrome. However the Board does approve reimbursement of expenses validly incurred for the benefit of the company.

Extracts from the Income & Expenditure Account 2012




Fundraising                                                                 24,132

Conference                                                                 1,035

Grants Received                                                          1,000



Conference Expenses                                                  10,600

Advertising & Promotion                                                 765

Motor expenses                                                               934

Audit fees                                                                     1,500

Bank charges                                                                    10

Sundry expenses                                                          1,220



Retained (deficit) / surplus for the year                                         11,138



Extracts from the Balance Sheet as at 31st December 2012




Current Assets

Cash at bank and in hand                                                                   13,858


Creditors: amounts falling due within one year                            (2,720)


Net Current assets                                                                             11,138


Total Assets Less Current Liabilities                                    11,138

Capital and Reserves                                                                   11,138

Retained Income                                                                           11,138


Note:  Comparitive numbers are not shown as 2012 was the company’s first year of operation