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Honouree Patron, President Michael D. Higgins

Honouree Patron, President Michael D. Higgins

Angelman Syndrome Ireland, is a not for profit charity established in 2011 to provide support and information about this rare neuro-genetic disorder of chromosome 15 which results in severe developmental delay.

ASI is working with families, caregivers, service providers and medical professionals who care for, or provide support to, those living with Angelman Syndrome. Its aims are

  • To raise  awareness of and understanding of this condition in Ireland
  • To create a formal support network for families, caregivers and service providers throughout Ireland offering practical and emotional   support.
  • To promote and support research into Angelman Syndrome and treatment of its cognitive, motor and epileptic symptoms, and to keep interested parties informed of developments in clinical research at home and abroad.

Honouree Patron, President Michael D. Higgins, has been supporting the development of this new charity.


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